Jupiter’s Legacy

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Jupiter’s Legacy #1:

“Millar asked some potent questions that I myself was wondering about society and superheroes for a long time now…”

10 / 10     

Writing                 10/10

For the first time in a while, we see a very balanced Mark Miller with some amazing dialogue and interesting, refreshing characters. The fight scene in this issue was brilliant. I actually felt bad for the villain within 1, or 2 pages, which shocked me. All in all, with one of his most commentary stories yet, Miller knocks most of these scenes right out of the park.


Art                         10/10

Frank Quitely, as always, does a magnificent job. He delivers some beautiful cinematic-like scenes, with some awesomely choreographed fights. His paneling is rather simple, but I feel it compliments and only enhances that cinematic-like quality I was mentioning. Peter Doherty does a superb job of coloring and design, creating one of the most interesting panels I’ve ever seen, actually peeling metaphorically through the process of making a comic at one point.

Synergy                 10/10

Quitely and Miller did a great job! Not only does it already speak volumes about the comic industry as a whole, both through dialogue and visual commentary, but it’s tone, art and sequences are worth the buy alone. This issue was so fresh and so on point in so many cool ways it made me desperate for more.


I feel Millar has his own niche in comics and he fits it well, a lot of people don’t like this niche, but that’s life, not everybody likes certain styles. I think this issue was a very well executed, diluted down version of Millar’s ultra-action packed, dirt-bag style. It maintained everything I enjoy about Millar’s work, while packing some really important commentary about the current comic industry. He asked some potent questions that I myself was wondering about society and superheroes for a long time now, hopefully his series will answer some of those questions

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